Division trivia night

Our ever popular annual Trivia Night will be on Feb. 25. The fee includes a full corned beef and cabbage dinner and more fun than the RUC would allow.


St. patrick's day events

As always we will be in the cornerstone event for the holidays (The Hibernain Dogtown Parade) as well as a host of other parades and events for the holiday.

missouri aoh convention

Weston, MO will play host to the semi-annual Missouri AoH Convention. The St. Charles Division will be represented strongly nad if you are interested in attending, click here for more info.


"Ireland Forever" heritage events

The County St. Charles AoH Division supports many area-wide Irish culture events, festivals, music, and activities aimed at increasing the awareness of the Irish. You can find a full list of events on our Irish Links page and if you want to have your event added to our list you can email us.